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The African Feminist Forum (AFF) regional gathering brings together African feminist activists to discuss strategy, refine approaches and develop stronger networks to advance women’s rights in Africa.

Asia Pacific’s leading feminist, membership driven network. For 25 years, APWLD has been empowering women to use law as an instrument of change for equality, justice, peace and development. They use research, training, advocacy and activism to claim…

A circle of monthly donors to collectively contribute whatever you can afford to ensure that feminist activist Barbara Smith is able to live the life she deserves in retirement. Because she has dedicated her life’s work towards liberation, and not to…

A multidisciplinary bibliography website compiled by Sherri L. Barnes on Black American Feminisms.

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A short write up on Black Feminism that lists four open-access sources at the bottom of the page.

This is an article that defines intersectionality and how it's used within Black feminism.

Serves as an outlet for the cultivation of scholarship that centers on Black women.

Provides a ‘snapshot’ of who young feminist organizations are, the issues and strategies they work on, and the financial and political realities that shape their work.

A paper written and published by MIT’s The Thistle Alternative News Collective on the history of black feminism in the U.S.

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The CRC was established in 1974 set goals to make black feminism and lesbianism a part of the women’s movement because before this group the feminist movement was based solely on the heterosexual white middle class women.
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