Women’s Knowledge Digital Library

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Media, Journalism, and Advertising

Resources about media including journalism as well as representations of womxn in media and advertising.



A website for teenage girls.


Shameless Magazine

An independent Canadian voice for smart, strong, sassy young women and trans youth.


Online Directory of Women’s Media

This is a directory of media owned and operated primarily by, for and about women. They do not include men’s “women’s magazines” (magazines directed at women), even if they have a female staff. They do include many academic periodicals which are published by institutions, but only those where women determine content and make up the majority of the staff.


Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press (WIFP)

A research, education, and publishing organization, founded in 1972 to increase communication among women and reach the public with our experience, perspectives, and opinions. WIFP operates as a national and international network of associates: media women and media-concerned women, as well as some men. Their feminism is intersectional and isn’t trans exclusionary or marginalizing of intersex, non-binary, gender non-conforming, genderqueer people.


Women’s Media Center (WMC)

The Women’s Media Center is a progressive, nonpartisan nonprofit organization working to raise the visibility, viability and decision-making power of women and girls in media and, thereby, ensuring that their stories get told and their voices are heard.


National Women and Media Collection

Established in 1987, the National Women and Media Collection held by the State Historical Society of Missouri at the University of Missouri documents the roles women have played in media fields, both as media employees and as objects of coverage, how those roles have altered over time, and how attitudes of and toward women have changed.



Empowering female content creators & social media influencers since 2005.