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Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Collection

Resources by and about transgender/gender non-conforming (TGNC) individuals, issues, organizations. More general LGBTQ+ resources can be found in the Intersex Collection, Queer Collection, Bisexual Collection, and the Aromantic/Asexual Collection but there may be overlap.

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Transgender Law Center (TLC)

The largest national trans-led organization advocating self-determination for all people. Grounded in legal expertise and committed to racial justice, TLC employs a variety of community-driven strategies to keep transgender and gender nonconforming people alive, thriving, and fighting for liberation.

gender nonconforming

Gender Justice League (GJL)

The mission of GJL is to empower trans activists and our allies to fight oppression based on gender & sexuality in Washington State and to create a community where trans people can live their lives safely, true to themselves, and free from discrimination.

gender nonconforming

Growing Up Trans

In Growing Up Trans, FRONTLINE takes viewers on an intimate and eye-opening journey inside the struggles and choices facing transgender kids and their families.


National Center for Transgender Equality

The National Center for Transgender Equality is the nation’s leading social justice advocacy organization winning life-saving change for transgender people.


Original Plumbing

Original Plumbing is the premier, theme-based print publication dedicated to trans male culture.



Shameless is an independent Canadian voice for smart, strong, sassy young women and trans youth.

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NYC Trans Oral History Project

A community archive devoted to the collection, preservation and sharing of trans histories, organized in collaboration with the New York Public Library.


TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation (TKPRF)

TKPRF is committed to the premise that Gender Dysphoria is something a child can’t control and it is society that needs to change, not them. Families need to support their children and be encouraged to allow them to grow-up free of gender roles.