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Items here focus on feminist theory and research in women's studies. See also: Data and Statistics collection.

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Journal of International Women’s Studies
The Journal of International Women’s Studies is an on-line, open-access, peer reviewed feminist journal that provides a forum for scholars, activists, and students to explore the relationships among theories of gender and sexuality and various forms…

Gender in the Global Research Landscape
Elsevier’s comprehensive report on research performance through a gender lens, Gender in the Global Research Landscape, spans 20 years, 12 geographies, and 27 disciplines.

This global study draws upon data and analytics, a unique gender…

Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR)
The Institute for Women’s Policy Research conducts and communicates research to inspire public dialogue, shape policy, and improve the lives and opportunities of women of diverse backgrounds, circumstances, and experiences.

The urgency of intersectionality
Now more than ever, it's important to look boldly at the reality of race and gender bias -- and understand how the two can combine to create even more harm. Kimberlé Crenshaw uses the term "intersectionality" to describe this phenomenon; as she says,…

A specialised gender and development research and information service based in the Gender and Sexuality Cluster at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), in the UK. As part of a global network of individuals and organisations working to advance…

Robin M. Boylorn, PhD
A scholar/activist, writer, speaker, and thinker, Boylorn is committed to a life and work (life's work) that prioritizes social justice, is rooted in love, self-care, and accountability, and is housed with honesty and humility.
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