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Barrier Free Living
We work with people with disabilities — both survivors of domestic violence and homeless men, women and children — to thrive in safe, supportive communities.

Black Disabled Woman Syllabus
a compilation of books, essays/articles, speeches, music, and other bodies of work that accurately explains the diverse forms of Blackness that exists for Black women, and how the lives of Black disabled women meshed within that discourse. This…

DisAbled Women’s Network-Réseau d’action des femmes’ handicapées du Canada (DAWN-RAFH Canada)
To end the poverty, isolation, discrimination and violence experienced by women with disabilities and Deaf women.

Forgotten Sisters - A Report on Violence Against Women with Disabilities: An Overview of its Nature, Scope, Causes and Consequences
This report, prepared by scholars and human rights advocates who are members of the Working Group on Violence against Women with Disabilities, focuses on the prevalence and pervasiveness of violence against women and girls with disabilities.

GimpGirl Community
To bring women with disabilities together in the spirit of support, positivity and inclusivity.

Initiative for Women With Disabilities
Provides primary gynecological care and wellness services. We strive to meet the unique physical and emotional needs of women and adolescent girls who have physical disabilities.

International Network of Women with Disabilities (INWWD)
A group of international, regional, national or local organizations, groups or networks of women with disabilities, as well as individual women with disabilities and allied women.

The creation of women in wheelchairs who were having difficulty finding answers to their questions about health, fashion, and other topics. Their mission is to bring together current and accurate information on issues of interest to the community.

The Raw Beauty Project
An innovative arts project that celebrates women with disabilities, educating viewers to redefine perceptions and beauty, unleashing potential for all.

Reproductive Rights and Women with Disabilities: A Human Rights Framework
This briefing paper proposes a human rights framework for considering the reproductive rights of women with disabilities.
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