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This study examines the state of women in African agriculture, by focusing on how policy and institutional considerations frame the conditions of access to agricultural resources. The study first shows the missing links in the approaches to African…

To make a significant contribution to the lives of individuals with ambulatory disabilities by providing the social, rehabilitative, and competitive activity of Wheelchair Ballroom and Latin Dance to partnerships comprised of one seated and one…

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Summarizes findings of the Legal Assessment of Needs Study (“LeAN Study”) – an online survey with 387 respondents who identified as cisgender women living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County.

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A short write up on Black Feminism that lists four open-access sources at the bottom of the page.

Original Plumbing is the premier, theme-based print publication dedicated to trans male culture.

A study that examines the relationship between agroecology and feminism in Brazil and shows agroecology to be an essential tool that can advance the empowerment of rural women.

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A 2008 paper by Andrea Rissing of Grinnell College about Iowa women farmers’ in the local foods movement.

This report recommends policies and practices to help more women succeed in community colleges. Specifically, the report calls for increasing the availability of on-campus child care to help parents stay in school and outlines how community colleges…

Acknowledges Canada-based recipients actively fighting against stereotypes, judgements, policies, and discrimination that attempt to label and discredit marginalized bodies


Advocates for equitable and inclusive images, messages, practices and policies supporting body diversity
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