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This report presents an overview of five study sites of the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES), presents findings related to men’s self-reported perpetration of sexual violence, investigates seven domains of possible influences on…

Mothering Across Continents (MAC) is a non-profit through which volunteer "catalysts" receive consulting, coaching and mentoring to develop dream projects that help raise tomorrow's leaders.

This report presents the first attempt to quantify the incidence of abortion in Rwanda, by using a methodology that builds on the only accessible data on the subject—the number of women who seek care at health facilities for abortionrelated…

Explains how low-income women and the very poor in Rwanda are generally excluded from the process of economic development due to lack of resources and services. This report analyzes the economic opportunities available to these groups.

Identifies actions to overcome the unique challenges, gaps, and barriers which increase women and girls’ vulnerability to and risk of HIV in Rwanda.
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