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This paper, based on the author’s detailed primary surveys in two Indian states, examines whether group farming can enable women farmers to overcome resource constraints and gain economically. Can it also empower them socially and politically?

This study examines the state of women in African agriculture, by focusing on how policy and institutional considerations frame the conditions of access to agricultural resources. The study first shows the missing links in the approaches to African…

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A 2008 paper by Andrea Rissing of Grinnell College about Iowa women farmers’ in the local foods movement.

Race, ethnicity, and gender profiles from the USDA Census of Agriculture

To engage women in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system through individual and community power.

Pink Tractor is dedicated to sharing women’s stories, providing encouragement and resources, and creating community, on and off the farm. Farm Strong. Woman Smart.

analyzes the gender legislation and the national policies and strategies of Tajikistan within the field of agriculture. It looks at the barriers in the gender policy implementation, the participation of women at the decision-making level and the…

Presents an analysis of the current debates about food sovereignty from a gender perspective, in which the international and Latin American peasant women movement have played a central role.

A study that examines the relationship between agroecology and feminism in Brazil and shows agroecology to be an essential tool that can advance the empowerment of rural women.
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