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In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda is a national-state partnership focused on lifting up the voices of Black women leaders at the national and regional levels in their fight to secure Reproductive Justice for all…

The Black Feminist Organizational Archive offers archival materials related to black feminist organizations active in the U.S. from 1968 to roughly 1980. It provides access to the meeting minutes, newsletter, publications, event flyers, and other…

The Black Lesbian Archives was created on June 25, 2017 to bring awareness, build our Community, Educate & Preserve our Culture.

The purpose of BWB is to take action to secure social, political and economic equality for Black women in American society now.

The syllabus for the course “Black Womanhood,” designed by Jessica Marie Johnson and Martha S. Jones, first taught Spring 2018 at Johns Hopkins University.

Website supporting the 2019 book, Black Women & Social Justice Education: Legacies and Lessons, edited by Stephanie Y. Evans, Andrea D. Domingue, and Tania D. Mitchell.

Connects foundational texts of critical race and gender scholarship to newer publications. This comprehensive bibliography identifies long-term trends and places recent contributions in historical context.

The 100 greatest books ever written by African American women.

africana-memoirs.jpg is an online resource to encourage research grounded in Black women's life stories. This open access database enhances narrative study and broadens the genres of autobiography, memoir, and epistolary writing. Most importantly,…

The Women Who Changed Atlanta and the World exhibit features the work of two prominent women-led organizations, the Chautauqua Circle and the Neighborhood Union. Members of both organizations advocated for Black welfare and improvement of societal…
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