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We leverage the strengths of UW-Madison to be a convener and leading voice in education, applied research, and impactful engagement to promote global wellbeing and full participation of women in society.

Toolkit based on the shared experiences of women living with HIV around the world.

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This publication contains practical steps needed to integrate measures on gender based violence into reproductive health facilities. It is also meant to help a wider range of readers to understand the connections between reproductive and sexual…

This new study, undertaken in three sub-counties in Western Kenya, documents the emotional as well as the financial costs of maternal mortality to households in poor remote communities and explores the impact of these costs on family well-being.

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Online exhibition of the history of the home pregnancy test.

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This document analyzes the criminalization of sex trafficking survivors through survivor health and wellbeing across six stages of the trafficking experience, to enable a fuller understanding of the issue––an understanding that centers on survivors.

The ACT UP Oral History Project is a collection of interviews with surviving members of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, New York.

This publication arms mental health and substance abuse professionals with a comprehensive overview of unique prevention, treatment and recovery skills and practices, including trauma-informed care, to effectively serve women and girls.

The posters represented here were given to the UR’s Rare Books and Special Collections by Dr. Edward C. Atwater beginning in 2007. The posters, over 8000 of them, document efforts to educate and inform the people of over 100 countries in over 60…

The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin is home to the ARCW Medical Center - Wisconsin's largest and fastest growing HIV health care system.
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