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The National Woman’s Party at the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument, on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, celebrates women’s progress toward equality—and explores the evolving role of women and their contributions to society—through…

The core of the Collective Biographies of Women project, from the beginning, has been the annotated bibliography of English-language books that collect three or more short biographies of women only: a forgotten British and American publishing…

This archive of filmed oral histories was created by filmmakers Anne de Mare, Kirsten Kelly and Elizabeth Hemmerdinger under the guidance of the irreplaceable Dr. Michael Nash. The 48 women represented here provide a complex portrait of Rosie the…

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Curated from the hearts and minds of Black womxn [sic], the Black Beauty Archives encompasses the history of our past, documents the present while imagining the future. Our mission is to preserve, document and celebrate the history of Black Beauty…

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The Emma Goldman Papers is part of a national initiative to retrieve the papers of individuals whose life work has had a lasting impact on the course of American history. Since 1980, the Emma Goldman Papers Project at UCB has collected, organized,…

Bibliography of gender in the US West

This website captures the history of the 1977 National Women’s Conference, the only federally funded, bipartisan supported, and most diverse gathering of American women in U.S. history.

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Written by Cherise Charleswell, this is a publication housed by The Hampton Institute and discusses the history and present of Black Feminist Thought.

A collaborative endeavour that brings resources and researchers together to enhance scholarship on historical women artists in Canada.
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