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#HappyPeriod provides menstrual products to anyone with a period that has low-income, is homeless, or living in poverty.

Researchers in the social sciences, the natural sciences and the humanities, health care providers, policy makers, health activists, artists and students from a wide range of fields with interests in the role of menstrual and ovulatory health across…

Created to counteract the frequently negative public discourse about periods.

Lunette's mission is to have honest and inspiring conversation about menstruation so that we can motivate period positivity- and change the world one cup at a time.

Lunapads International is a women-owned social mission driven business based in Vancouver, Canada. Their goal is to help people have more positive and informed experiences of their menstrual cycles, and by extension, their bodies overall. They…

The latest menstruation articles, news, with the history of menstrual products & culture.

A global platform that brings together non-profits, government agencies, the private sector, the media and individuals to promote Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).
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