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Baseline Assessment.pdf
This study will analyze the relationship between technology and sex trafficking in Madison, Wisconsin. This is a collaborative effort between the community of Madison and the University of Wisconsin 4W STREETS (Social Transformation to End…

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Dane County Needs Assessment.pdf
In 2011, due to increasing reports of Dane County girls exploited for sex by adult males, the Dane County Coordinated Community Response to the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CCR-CSEC) undertook a community needs assessment funded by the…

Construction of Silence.pdf
The trafficking of Nigerian women for the purpose of sexual exploitation is a phenomenon that has been visible in Spain since the 2000s. One of the entry routes is the southern European border from Morocco to Spain where access to the protection…

Policies and Services for Survivors of Sex Trafficking UNESCO Working Paper 004.pdf
This document contains the presentation summaries from two fora hosted by the 4W STREETS Initiative to identify best practices and policy recommendations for addressing sex trafficking. STREETS of Hope I from 2015 focused on envisioning wellbeing and…

Reports mandated by the General Assembly through the 2010 United Nations Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons. It covers 142 countries and provides an overview of patterns and flows of trafficking in persons at global, regional and…

KWAT, Pushed_to_the_Brink.pdf
A report by Kachin women exposes how the Burmese government’s war against the Kachin has greatly increased the risk of human trafficking along the China-Burma border.

The report is based on 63 verified and suspected trafficking cases that occurred primarily during 2000-2004. The cases involve 85 women and girls, mostly between the ages of 14 and 20. Testimony comes primarily from women and girls who escaped after…

A list of resources provide information and guidelines about obtaining legal relief, social services and/or benefits for trafficked victims.

freedom network.jpg
Freedom Network USA is a national alliance of experienced advocates advancing a human rights-based approach to human trafficking in the United States.

CATW is a non-governmental organization that works to end human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children worldwide.
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