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This literature review assesses and summarises the available evidence on intimate partner violence (IPV) by male perpetrators, with a specific focus on the South Asia region.

This report aims to address evidence gaps by drawing on primary research from 2016 to understand the multi-level drivers of male perpetration of IPV in Pakistan, including the relative importance of conservative gender norms.

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Since the 2001 overthrow of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, violence against women has emerged as the single most important issue for Afghan gender politics. The Pitfalls of Protection, based on research conducted in Afghanistan between 2009…

Dedicated to cultivating and supporting a network of transformative arts programs that empower individuals and communities impacted by violence and trauma.

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A pilot evaluation that explores how citizenship and agency among social activists can be fostered in contexts of urban violence at the local level.

Assista seeks to enhance the security, independence, and full participation in society of immigrant and refugee survivors of gender-based violence by promoting integrated holistic approaches and educating those whose actions and attitudes affect…

Violence against women and girls is a mass phenomenon taking many different forms with disastrous consequences for women's and girl's health and survival. The social and economic costs resulting from this abuse place a substantial burden on society…

Created to support the work of rights advocates working in international and regional spaces who are confronting opposition to their efforts using arguments based on religion, culture and tradition.

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The 2012 Assessment Report is the first to make use of the data from the Mesoamerican Registry of Attacks against WHRDs, which was compiled from January to December 2012 in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.

An art activist effort to upset the dominant culture of rape, and promote a counter-culture of consent.
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