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Evolved from the ideas and commitment to social justice, national development, and women’s empowerment of a group of women faculty from the UP.

Concerned by the paucity of data to address the disadvantaged position of women, a group of academics, researchers and activists who were involved for several years in research and action-oriented programmes relating to women joined together in 1984…

The Center for Women's Resources, through its research and trainings, plays an important role in promoting women's full participation for genuine social transformation. CWR is a non-profit, non-governmental women's service institution that provides…

A documentation and research centre for women. The aim of the centre is to systematically contribute to the process of documentation, research, and dissemination with special emphasis on Maharashtra.

A pioneer in teaching, research, and advocacy, the Women’s Research and Resource Center (WRRC) nurtures our students' critical thinking about many issues, including human rights, healthcare, and leadership development.
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