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The syllabus for the course “Black Womanhood,” designed by Jessica Marie Johnson and Martha S. Jones, first taught Spring 2018 at Johns Hopkins University.

Website supporting the 2019 book, Black Women & Social Justice Education: Legacies and Lessons, edited by Stephanie Y. Evans, Andrea D. Domingue, and Tania D. Mitchell.

Connects foundational texts of critical race and gender scholarship to newer publications. This comprehensive bibliography identifies long-term trends and places recent contributions in historical context.

An organization aimed at supporting women in the historical profession as well as research in women’s history. It is a place where women historians can find a wide variety of resources, support, and a community to help them thrive.


The 100 greatest books ever written by African American women.

An index of every article of women’s history printed in The Journal of American History (JAH) since its inception as the Mississippi Valley Historical Review in 1914. The index, and its 154 entries, are offered as resources for readers who wish to…


The site is a think tank OF and FOR women's rights, sexuality, sexual rights and internet rights activists, academics, journalists and advocates. We carry articles, news, podcasts, videos, comics and blogs on internet policy and cultures from a…

This website hosts a digitised version of one of the earliest independent African women’s magazines: AWA: la revue de la femme noire. AWA was an independent magazine produced in Dakar, Senegal by a network of African women between 1964 and 1973. The…

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AfricanFeminism (AF) is a pan-African feminist digital platform and collaborative writing project between African authors/writers with the long-term ambition of bringing on board at least one feminist voice from each country on the continent.

africana-memoirs.jpg is an online resource to encourage research grounded in Black women's life stories. This open access database enhances narrative study and broadens the genres of autobiography, memoir, and epistolary writing. Most importantly,…
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