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Gender Stats

The scientific notation and interpretation of statistics that in an adequate and complete way are reflecting the living conditions and situations of women and men with respect to all policy fields and areas. Gender Statistics allow for and enable systematic research and study of differentials and issues regarding gender. A gender-related issue is any concern or problem that is determined, in its broadest sense, by differences between men and women based on gender and/or sex.



Description Promoting gender equality and capacity building to empower women


Gender statistics

Presents gender statistics for the European Union (EU), a selection of indicators from fields such as education, labour market, earnings and health, which are particularly important for measuring differences in the situation of women and men (i.e. gender gaps).


African Gender Institute

The African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town is a teaching, learning and research institute which focuses on issues of gender and development on the African continent.


Gender Topic Guide

This guide introduces some of the best recent literature on a range of gender issues and highlights
major critical debates. It is intended primarily as a reference for policymakers and highlights practical
guidance, lessons learned and case studies. New publications and emerging issues will be regularly