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SAATHII: Solidarity and Action Against The HIV Infection in India

SAATHII strengthens the capacities of individuals and organizations working on HIV prevention, care, support and treatment, and sexual and reproductive health interventions in India through information dissemination, networking, operational research, advocacy, training and other technical assistance services.


End Maternal Mortality Now (EndMMNow)

A community reporting project that trained women of marginalized communities in a district in Assam to identify and report violations of maternal health rights.

economic justice

Child In Need Institute (CINI) every day that the really big ones or I mean I have a gamete I don’t way home

CINI’s overarching aim is to enable poor people, women and children to take control of their lives and have a share in sustainable development. We are active in deprived communities, both in villages and low-income urban settlements. We seek to break the vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition, ill-health, illiteracy, abuse and violence, affecting in particular children and women.

child marriage

A More Equal Future: A MenCare Manual to Engage Fathers to Prevent Child Marriage in India

This manual was developed as part of a collaboration between World Vision and Promundo in response to harmful societal and cultural practices that support the continuation of child marriage in India. This tool is designed to provide a safe and constructive space for men, their partners and their daughters to critically reflect on the cultural and gender norms that perpetuate the devaluation of girls and serve as obstacles to men’s participation as involved fathers.


Global Feminisms Project

The Global Feminisms Project (GFP) originated in 2002 to create an archive of oral histories from women scholars and activists from four countries: China, India, Poland, and the USA Since then, we have added interviews from Brazil, Nicaragua, and Russia.


Huairou Commission

The Huairou Commission empowers grassroots women’s leadership in the development of resilient communities through global and local initiatives.


Centre for Social Research (CSR)

Founded in 1983, Centre for Social Research (CSR) is a non-profit organisation based in New Delhi that has as its mission to empower the women and girls of India, guarantee their rights, and increase understanding of social issues from a gender perspective.