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Global Feminisms Project

The Global Feminisms Project (GFP) originated in 2002 to create an archive of oral histories from women scholars and activists from four countries: China, India, Poland, and the USA Since then, we have added interviews from Brazil, Nicaragua, and Russia.


Association of Russian-Speaking Intersex (ARSI)

Association of Russian-Speaking Intersex (ARSI) is the unregistered non-governmental organization founded by the team of intersex and non-intersex people in 2013 with a mission to improve the situation of intersex in Russia and the post-Soviet countries.


Intersex Russia

Intersex organization based in Moscow, Russia, working on spreading awareness on the topic of intersex, providing accurate and positive representation of the intersex community and the issues our community is facing, fighting pathologization and medicalization and providing support for intersex people. Intersex people to intersex people for intersex people.