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This research reviews the response to Domestic Violence in Africa, focusing in on Ghana, and asks ‘What are women’s experiences and perceptions of protection services provided to survivors of domestic violence in Ghana?’ based on interviews at a…

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Women's Political Participation DV Mexico Ghana.pdf
This paper argues that differing levels of gender institutionalisation Mexico and Ghana explain divergent outcomes in the implementation of domestic violence legislation in each country.

Beyond Laws DV Lessons for Ghana from Mexico.pdf
This policy brief seeks to explain the difference the in implementation service provision for survivors of domestic abuse in two countries that passed domestic violence legislation in 2007: Ghana and Mexico. The key difference between the two…

Beyond Domestic Violence Bills_1.pdf
This research design and methods paper is a working document, and the first stage in the conduct of a joint comparative research in the topic of effective responses to domestic violence. The research will study the cases of Ghana and Mexico and…

Women's Political Participation DV Mexico Ghana.pdf
This policy brief aims to explore key factors that secure the implementation of policies to tackle domestic violence, contrasting the cases of Mexico and Ghana.
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