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GBV Child Protection Syrian Refugees.pdf
This assessment was conducted to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the risks that Syrian refugee families — especially women and girls — face in Jordan, and to provide a deeper understanding of Syrian urban refugees’ knowledge, attitudes,…

This report documents the most notable violations against Syrian women by the parties to the conflict in Syria since March 2011.

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To support women’s empowerment and to boost capacity to challenge inequality worldwide by nurturing women’s leadership. Working with women’s rights activists across the Global South, our goal is to create transformative and sustainable feminist…

Country Gender Profile Syria-Online.pdf
A country gender profile provides a background on the gender equality situation in a particular country. The specific objectives are to present data and provide a gender analysis of national policies, key sectors, legal frameworks, institutions and…


This study explores whether the gig economy, also known as 'crowdwork' or 'on-demand’ work, has the potential to create new economic opportunities for Syrian refugee women.
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