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An urgent collection, available for free as an e-book, on losing Roe v. Wade, struggling to provide abortion across the Americas, and how we can rebuild a fighting movement for reproductive justice

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Publication including numerous articles on reproductive justice and social change. Contents include: articles on What Is Reproductive Justice?; Pharmacists’ Refusals and Reproductive Justice; Foster Care and Reproductive Justice; and more.

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Signs Journal's list of resources on abortion and reproductive justice.

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The Collaborative for Reproductive Equity (CORE) is a multidisciplinary research center at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. CORE conducts and shares rigorous, policy relevant research to support reproductive health,…

The Yellowhammer Fund is a 501(c)3 abortion fund and reproductive justice organization serving Alabama, Mississippi, and the Deep South.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (SRHM) is a peer-reviewed international open access journal. The journal explores themes across the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

Bringing relevant info on pregnancy & abortion to trans, non-binary & gender non-conforming people. This blog is 100% pro-trans & pro-choice.

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The Population Council conducts research to address critical health and development issues. Their work allows couples to plan their families and chart their futures. They help people avoid HIV infection and access life-saving HIV services. And they…

This report contains statistics for 2013 on the incidence of pregnancy, birth and abortion among adolescents and young women aged 24 or younger for the United States as a whole and for individual states. National data include trends for multiple…
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