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“If I know I am on the pill and I get pregnant, it’s an act of God”: women’s views on fatalism, agency and pregnancy

A study published open access in Contraception journal where the authors interviewed 52 U.S. women aged 18-30 about their views on and experiences with contraception and their attitudes toward pregnancy. Jones et al. also examined the relationship between women’s beliefs about their ability to control pregnancy and the consistency of their contraceptive use over the past year.

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Midwifery Today

Through networking and education, Midwifery Today’s mission is to return midwifery care to its rightful position in the family; to make midwifery care the norm throughout the world; and to redefine midwifery as a vital partnership with women.


Power to Push Campaign

This campaign encourages women in British Columbia to learn as much as they can and push for the best birth possible.



A nonprofit organization and former creator of SQUAT Birth Journal, a radical midwifery and birth publication, that was in production from 2010 to 2016 and released 22 issues. SQUAT spent over six years actively creating an open forum publication about a wide range of reproductive health topics and coordinating conferences in San Francisco and New Orleans.


Unintended Pregnancy and Induced Abortion in Rwanda

This report presents the first attempt to quantify the incidence of abortion in Rwanda, by using a methodology that builds on the only accessible data on the subject—the number of women who seek care at health facilities for abortionrelated complications. The report also discusses progress in and remaining constraints on Rwandan women’s ability to plan their pregnancies, which is key to enabling them to avoid the unintended pregnancies that can lead to induced abortions.


Pregnancies, Births and Abortions Among Adolescents and Young Women in the United States, 2013: National and State Trends by Age, Race and Ethnicity

This report contains statistics for 2013 on the incidence of pregnancy, birth and abortion among adolescents and young women aged 24 or younger for the United States as a whole and for individual states. National data include trends for multiple age-groups since 1973, and state data include trends among 15–19-year-olds since 1988. The report concludes with a discussion of the methodology and sources used to obtain the estimates.


Contraceptive Needs and Services, 2013 Update

This report and summary tables present data on the current status of contraceptive needs and services in the United States as a whole, for the 10 federal regions and for each state and county. The data also include the impact that these services have on reducing unintended pregnancy and the public cost savings generated from the provision of publicly funded contraceptive care.


Power to Decide

Power to Decide, the campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy, works to ensure that all young people—no matter who they are, where they live, or what their economic status might be—have the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant. They do this by increasing information, access, and opportunity.


Key Information About U.S. States

Does your state have policies to increase access to and information about contraception? What federal grants for teen pregnancy prevention are going to your state? Where does Title X family planning funding go and how many unintended pregnancies has it prevented? The answers to these questions and more are summed up in these fact sheets. Check out the lay of the land in your state.